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About Us

Three Green Roses Computer Services has locations serving three major London areas: East London, South Woodford, and Tottenham.

We are proud of the diversity and quality of our services. Our technicians concentrate on resolving the computer network, software and hardware problems in your home or office so that you are free to attend to the other important things in your life.

Services Include

• Desktop/PC Repair
• Laptop Repair
• Laptop Screen Replacement
• Network Installation
• Hardware Upgrades
• Data Backup
• Virus Removal
• Printer Problems
• System Recovery
• Data Recovery
• System Clean Up
• Reinstalling Operating Systems
• Computer setup

We also offer computer “tune-ups” to help keep your computers running at their most optimal levels.

Time to Upgrade/Add Equipment?

Thinking of upgrading or adding equipment? The Three Green Roses team will evaluate your current equipment and setup. Next, we will make recommendations for upgrades or additions that will help you move to the next desired operational levels. You will receive a written proposal of recommended upgrades, additions, parts, testing, and services for review and approval.

Education/for Improved Security and Safety

The majority of our service time is spent working with computers and systems. But another important part of our service is client education. Many problems that clients experience with their computer systems can be avoided (or at least minimalized) by understanding and following simple equipment maintenance and security practices.

Despite all the many cautions about exposing personal and business computers to risk of virus infections and data loss, many users still have lax security and maintenance practices.

Loss of valuable data and equipment costs – a lot. It is costly to repair or replace equipment. Data recovery may or may not be possible. And data that gets into the hands of cybercriminals exposes individuals and businesses to multiple risks (including safety and financial devastation).

We work with our clients to develop risk reduction and maintenance strategies to better protect their data and computer assets.

Ready to Meet Changing Needs

The highly skilled technicians at Three Green Roses are committed to continually expanding our technical knowledge and skills. We are ready to help clients with today’s IT needs, and always preparing to meet tomorrow’s technical challenges and opportunities as well.

Keep the Three Green Roses phone numbers handy on your speed dial – and give us a call, even before there’s a need. We’ll keep your current computer systems running smoothly and help you prepare for tomorrow’s needs, too.

Computer repair services cover most of London and Essex, find out if we are able to come to you by clicking here.

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