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Desktop / PC Repairs

Your computer may be suffering from one (or more of these problems):

• Software problems
• Virus and spyware infections
• Crashing or freezing
• Overheating
• Excessive or unexpected noises
• Peripherals (mouse, keyboard, printer)
• Faulty components
• Graphics issues
• Hard drive failures
• Other issues

Don’t wait for disasters to happen. Pay attention to those hunches that tell you “something’s not quite right” with your desktop / PC and call us before it’s too late.

Virus / Spyware Removal

All computers are vulnerable to virus and spyware infections. You may have done everything appropriate to protect your desktop / PC but sometimes viruses and spyware can intrude anyway.

Some clues that your desktop / PC might be infected:

• Your computer or peripherals seem to be acting independently of you
• No response
• Slow performance or slow start-up
• Computer crashes
• Frequent self-restarts
• Missing files
• Inaccessible disks or disk drives
• Unusual error messages

Trust Computer Repair Services to thoroughly evaluate, clean, and remove all traces of virus and spyware infection (and the damage they cause).

Additional Services

Your computer may not be showing any signs of trouble. Perhaps you just want to upgrade parts of the system to boost your computer’s power and enhance its performance. Our team can take care of those upgrades for you.

And remember, all computers need to be periodically checked and cleaned too.

We’ve helped many customers like you. The skilled technicians at Computer Repair Services have all the resources and experience to test and repair most desktop / PC problems. We are ready to help you with all your computer needs.

Laptop Repair

If your laptop develops one or more of these conditions, we recommend you quickly have it checked:

• Cracked, dim, blank, flickering, or lined screen
• Charging issues
• Motherboard failures
• Overheating issues
• Keyboard/mouse pad problems
• Optical drive problems
• Hard drive failure
• Crashing/freezing
• Warning/error messages
• Unexpected noises
• Windows running slowly or not loading properly

Virus/Spyware/Popup Removal

Hardware problems are not the only issues that can develop in laptop computers. Any computer can become infected with dangerous viruses, spyware, and annoying popups.

Our skilled technicians can do a thorough evaluation and clean-up to remove all traces of infection and damage. Contact us if any of the following symptoms appears:

• Missing or inaccessible files or programs
• Popup advertising as Windows is loading or while web browsing
• Software alerts asking you to pay to remove or fix a problem
• Difficulties accessing major search engines (Google, Bing, etc.) or certain websites

Clean-up/MOT Service

Your laptop computer periodically needs a good maintenance check-up to keep it running optimally. Our technicians can scan and remove unnecessary files, free up hard drive space, reduce loading times, and give your laptop’s hardware a full diagnostic check-up.

Contact Three Green Roses

Didn’t see your computer problem listed here or aren’t exactly sure what help your laptop computer needs? Check our FAQs section for more computer repair information and feel free to contact us.

The repair specialists at Three Green Roses will be happy to help you with your laptop computer concerns, estimate services needs and costs, and schedule repair time for you.

Causes of Damage

These are some of the most common causes of damage to laptop screens:

• Physical damage: cracks, tears, spills on the screen, damaged circuitry.
• Failure due to wear and tear.
• Manufacturer defects.
• Pressure: placing anything heavy on top of the laptop itself can damage the screen.
• Other hardware issues: faulty cable or motherboard.
• Temperature: excessive cold or heat can cause an LCD screen to fracture.

Signs of trouble

Not all screen damage is immediately obvious. Here are other clues that your laptop computer screen is in trouble:

• A ‘spider’s web’ effect on the screen, a partial image up to the cracked area, or the appearance of ink leaking from the screen.
• The screen display is very dim after powering up. This indicates a possible backlight failure.
• The screen is either entirely black or entirely white. The screen data cable may be damaged or have become detached from the screen or motherboard.
• Everything seems normal on power-up; then, the screen begins to flicker. Screen failure may be imminent.
• Multiple thin lines or coloured bars appear on the display.
• The picture is blurred or looks washed out.

Any of these signs means that your laptop screen needs help. It takes a qualified technician to diagnose the source of a screen’s failure.

The good news is that not all screen problems require replacing the screen (or laptop). But don’t take chances with your laptop.

Contact the expert technicians at Three Green Roses to evaluate your laptop’s screen problems. They will do the thorough evaluation and testing, make repair recommendations, and price out the project for you.

Network Installation

Available network installation services:

• Complete infrastructure setup for wired network services
• Complete wireless network infrastructure setup
• CCTV (closed circuit TV) network infrastructure setup
• Additional support

Our technology specialists can help you assess whether a wired or wireless network is appropriate for your networking needs. They will create a proposal for your evaluation and approval that includes pricing for equipment, installation, and testing of the completed network system.

Secured, Up-to-Date, Supported

The network specialists at Three Green Roses are experienced in individual and office network system installations. They know the vendors, equipment options, and technology necessary to get your network set up exactly to your needs. The installation isn’t finished until your network is fully tested for function and security and to your satisfaction.

Perhaps you already have a network system installed but it needs to be updated. We can handle those updates for you, also – and with the same guarantee that your updated network will be tested, working, and secured before the job is finished.

Once your network is up and running, we can become your network support team when something needs troubleshooting. We are ready to help you with any networking needs.

The Three Green Roses team takes the worry and burden out of setting up and maintaining your home or office network system (or both). Contact them today. They’ll be happy to discuss your current or upcoming network needs.

Internet Problems

Diagnosing and resolving Internet problems can be much like solving a puzzle. Some problems are fairly obvious and quickly resolved. Other problems take time to track down; one possibility after another must be ruled out until the source of the problem is located.

Internet users at home or the office can sometimes be their own detectives, beginning with the seemingly simple and obvious. But when one’s computer is apparently not functioning properly or the Internet can’t be accessed, looking to simple errors and resolutions can fall fairly down on any troubleshooting checklist.

For what it’s worth, take a look at the network cables to be sure that they are completely plugged in. Check with your Internet service provider (ISP) to ensure that your account hasn’t been blocked for some reason. Also, check to see if the Wi-Fi on the computer has been inadvertently shut off.

Some Common Internet Problems

If you’ve already checked for the obvious and still have Internet problems, it might be time to call the specialists at Three Green Roses. They are experienced in troubleshooting Internet problems, including:

• Router problems
• Software that doesn’t/can’t detect a router
• Internet service provider issues
• Firewall malfunctions
• Changes to the wireless network configuration
• Signal interference
• Failure of new devices to connect to the router
• Slow Internet speed
• Computer and other hardware problems

Keeping You Connected

Diagnosing and resolving a failing Internet connection can be complicated. It can involve an in-depth evaluation of software configuration, firmware drivers, hardware drivers and devices, network equipment, ISP uplink, and more.

These are our areas of expertise. The technical specialists at Three Green Roses know the various software and hardware systems to check, refresh, repair, or replace. Once all has been resolved, they will complete all necessary testing and re-checking to ensure that your Internet connections are fully functional and running at optimal levels.

Hardware Upgrades

Just because your computer is nearly two years old doesn’t mean that it can’t continue to meet your work, gaming, or personal computer needs. Or, your computer may be older and running more slowly, but it still works well overall. Sometimes, your computer only needs a bit of help to keep it fresh and running efficiently.

Familiar Upgrades

Some computer users are perfectly comfortable doing their own basic hardware upgrades. Others either don’t have the time or the confidence (or both) to even consider undertaking such tasks. That’s where the expert technicians at Three Green Roses can help.

Some basic upgrades:

• Increase random access memory (RAM)
• Install a newer level hard drive
• Replace the original graphics card
• Replace the optical (CD/DVD) drive
• Replace the central processing unit (CPU)
• And more…

Fast, Efficient, Reliable Service

The Three Green Roses technicians have the expertise to analyse the current condition and functioning level of your computer. This important assessment will indicate whether or not your computer’s performance can be boosted with upgrades. (Upgrades don’t always result in faster speeds, fewer crashes, etc.)

If your computer can benefit from being upgraded, the technicians will recommend the necessary components, prices, and time frames for completing and testing the upgrades. They also will be up front with you if the upgrades you want are not practical or feasible based on the condition and capabilities of your equipment.

Although not all upgrades require opening the computer to access the interior, many upgrades do. Our technicians have the necessary tools and expertise to ensure that your computer and valuable data are protected from start to finish.

When the smooth functioning, safety and security of your computer is important, contact the Three Green Roses technicians. They will be happy to help you with all your hardware upgrade questions and needs.

What’s at Stake?

The technical specialists at Three Green Roses are experienced in data recovery. They’ve seen the effects that data loss can cause in terms of productivity, risk management, and profitability.

Some of the ways that valuable and irreplaceable data can be lost:

• Virus infection
• Hard drive failure
• Data corruption (various causes)
• Computer crashes
• Physical damage to computer(s)
• Theft

What’s Your Data Worth?

If you haven’t considered the worth of your personal or business data (or both), it is time to do so, NOW.

• Business-related data loss costs American companies billions of dollars each year.
• Financial impact to businesses may include:
• Loss of business
• Legal action
• Cost of re-creating data
• Reduced productivity
• Violation of government regulations, in some cases

What do you do if the only source of important data is a damaged or stolen computer – and you have no backup of that data?If data is lost, stolen, or corrupted, it may not be retrievable.

Develop a Data Backup Strategy

First, your data needs to be backed up. The specialists at Three Green Roses can complete a thorough data backup for you.

Backup options include:

• Backup to an external hard drive, CD, DVD, USB flash drive, cloud storage
• Transfer of data from one computer to another via our data migration service

Next, you need a backup strategy. Our team of specialists will help you develop and implement a strategy appropriate to your data security needs.

Every moment that you don’t have an up-to-date copy of your data, you and/or your business are at risk! The backup strategy that you develop with the Three Green Roses team is like an insurance policy for your data (and peace of mind for you).

Remember the Clues

Call it what you will – malware, Trojan, rootkit, worm, spyware, crimeware, or adware. Malware is destructive at the worst level or annoying but not damaging at a “simpler” level.

Clues that your computer as a virus:

• Pop-up ads litter your computer, even when your browser isn’t open.
• Messages come from your email account that you didn’t send.
• You’re locked out of your computer.
• You may receive a message, allegedly from law enforcement (or an anonymous blackmailer demanding a cash payment to recover your computer).
• You’re locked out of your computer.
• Suddenly-appearing freezing, crashing, slowness.
• Major functions don’t work (like Windows’ control+alt+delete).

What Next?

If you believe that your computer has been infected with malware, stop what you’re doing, shut the computer off (if possible), disconnect it, and isolate it from all other devices. It is now in “quarantine!”

Next, contact the experts at Three Green Roses to schedule an analysis of your computer. They will take steps to:

• Identify the virus and use virus-specific removal tools.
• Ensure that your anti-virus software is up-to-date.
• Evaluate your computer for damage to files and software applications.
• Restore your computer to its original condition.
• Complete a full system scan.
• Back up your data.

Finally, they will review with you possible risks to your computer’s defences, leaks in your security measures, and recommend changes to your current security system and practices.

Restoring a computer following a virus can be a lengthy and complicated process. Trust the Three Green Roses specialists to complete all the necessary testing, cleaning, and restoration steps to ensure that your computer is running safely now and going forward.

Printer Problems

It’s the colossal printer jam of all times. Or, the printer is printing much too slowly. The print quality is awful or the printer is guzzling ink. Windows keeps sending print jobs to the wrong printer or your printer isn’t being recognized by the Wi-Fi network.

Printer problems can rapidly shift from a being a basic annoyance to a major productivity issue. You may not have the time, skill, or patience to resolve the problem(s). It’s time to call the tech specialists at Three Green Roses.

Just a Few Questions, Please

Before scheduling a service appointment to evaluate and repair your printer, our technician(s) may ask a few questions:

• Is the printer plugged in and turned on?
• Is paper correctly loaded in the paper tray?
• Is there a paper jam?
• Is there ink in the cartridges?
• Are you using the appropriate printer driver for you printer?
• Describe the print quality problems.
• Is the printer presenting an error code?

You may have checked all of these points (and more). And you followed the manufacturer’s troubleshooting recommendations to no avail. Your printer needs professional help, and the Three Green Roses techs are the people to give your printer the expert repair service it needs.

When it Takes a Pro

Our repair team can:

• Work on all major brand-name printers and all-in-ones.
• Service less well-known brands, too.
• Can troubleshoot the printer and network setup.
• Have access to needed parts to complete repairs.
• Can install software and updates.
• Test your repaired printer for correct functionality.
• Set up and configure your printer to home or office network.
• Tell you if your printer cannot be repaired or when the cost of repair or upgrades outweighs the value of the printer.

If you’ve exhausted your bag of “I can fix this,” tricks, contact the repair experts at Three Green Roses. They’ll be happy to help with your printer problems.

System Recovery and System Restore

The situation couldn’t be worse. Your computer is infected with a major virus, crashed, or (maybe) both. Do you tough it out as your own IT team? Or do you call the expert technicians at Three Green Roses for help.

Our team of technical specialists has the skills and diagnostic tools to assess the extent and possible causes of damage to your computer. Among the remedial steps they may take to repair your computer are System Restore and System Recovery.

Computer problems that can necessitate a System Restore or System Recovery:

• Virus infection
• Incompatible software application(s) installed
• Faulty device driver
• An update patch causing the computer system to behave erratically

System Restore

Let’s say the Three Green Roses team rules out a complete hard drive crash. The next step most likely will be to run a thorough antivirus scan/removal.

If the antivirus scan/removal does not resolve the problem, the team may opt to run a System Restore process to reset the computer to a point or date prior to the date and time when problems were first noticed.

System Recovery

When System Restore fails to resolve the problem, a System Recovery may be attempted.

This is a process in which a computer is “rolled back” to its original, brand-new state. A System Recovery also means that all data and any installed software will be wiped out.

When Only the Pros Can Help

The System Restoration process is fairly simple. System Recovery can be long and complicated. It may require not only removing the source of the problem, but also creating a clean slate and re-installing an Operating System (OS). Finally, all other software and backup data are reinstalled.

The ultimate measure of our success is when all restoration/recovery is completed, OS, software and data are reloaded, and the computer is tested to ensure that it is functioning correctly once again.

Data Recovery

When you have lost important data from your computer, you may start to panic. You frantically search through every file, document folder, flash drive – every electronic nook and cranny you can think of with no luck. We can help! Sometimes files can be recovered even if they have been deleted or have somehow been corrupted.

What Happened to Your Data?

Short term or permanent data loss can occur because of various reasons, including:

• Accidentally deleted files
• Windows failure
• Damaged partitions
• Virus attack
• Unrecognized USB external drives
• Hard drive failure
• Corrupted files
• Operating system not found/PC unable to boot
• Hacking

Data Recovery

No matter how the data loss occurred, one thing is usually very clear – you need to get your data back, quickly! Sadly, it’s not always possible if a system or the data is too corrupted or damaged.

The technical specialists at Three Green Roses are experienced in recovering data from internal and external drives. They will assess the electronic and physical conditions related to the loss and plan a course of recovery.

In some cases, time is the enemy. An accidentally deleted file might be recovered unless another action done on the computer causes that file to be overwritten. In other instances, such as a computer crash, data may be recoverable if the hard drive itself has not failed.

When physical damage of a drive has occurred, the drive must be very carefully handled – usually taken apart in a clean room by a professional team. Dust and static electricity accidentally introduced during the recovery process can cause further damage if appropriate safety practices are not followed.

Turn Data Recovery Over to the Experts

Successful data recovery depends on timely and careful action. It is a time-consuming process that does not always yield favourable results. Because of the multiple risks of further or total loss, data recovery is almost always best left to experts – like the Three Green Roses team.

System Clean-up

This is something basic you should know about computers. Over time and use, computer systems build up a lot of space-wasting electronic debris. You can take the time to evaluate all the areas where the “digital dust of everyday use” may be hiding in your computer. Then you will need time to run all the necessary clean-up utility programs to remove that electronic dust.

Or, you can call on the technical specialists at Three Green Roses to complete a thorough, professional system clean-up for you.

Why Do a System Clean-up?

When new, your computer runs quickly and efficiently. With time and extensive usage, it can slow down significantly as files and that electronic digital dust build up. Unless clean-up is done on a regular basis, your computer’s efficiency will continue to diminish.

Have you noticed any of these problems?

• Poor overall performance
• Files and/or applications are slow to load
• The computer takes a long time to boot up
• Alerts that you have “low disk space”

What Does a System Clean-up Do?

Running various utility tools, a system clean-up will reduce or eliminate some of these build-up problems:

• Unwanted registry entries
• Broken electronic links
• File fragments
• Temporary Internet files
• Internet search history
• Cookies

Another step in the clean-up process is to remove/uninstall/delete:

• Duplicate, obsolete, and unnecessary files, programs, games, media files
• Legacy software

The Three Green Roses team may also recommend updating and increasing your computer’s RAM, and reducing the number of programs that run at start-up.

Athorough system clean-up is time consuming and requires that a number of steps be carefully completed to refresh and optimize your computer’s performance.

Call on the Three Green Roses tech specialists to complete a thorough computer system clean-up. Then, consider the value of having the team complete regularly scheduled system clean-ups to keep your computer(s) running at peak performance levels

Reinstalling Operating Systems

Your computer is running slowly, or worse, you are trying to revive it after it has been the victim of a cybercrime/virus.

There are a number of reasons to reinstall an operating system (OS):

• Eliminate bloatware
• Improve speed
• Refresh the computer following a malware/virus infection
• Resolve other software-related issues
• Computer has crashed
• A new hard drive has been installed

Reinstalling an operating system is a way to give your computer a fresh start, but it also is a time-consuming and extreme way of achieving a refreshed computer. Before the process is completed, all content of your hard drive will have been wiped out and a fresh copy of your computer’s OS reinstalled.

Diagnose, Back Up, Reinstall, Reload, Test

Before you rush to “scrub” your computer and reinstall the OS, contact the tech specialists at Three Green Roses. They will do a thorough assessment of your computer to determine what has caused the problems that necessitate reinstallation of the OS.

The diagnostic process will also reveal whether the hard drive is terminally damaged or is viable enough to retrieve stored data. If possible, the team will complete a data recovery and backup and then proceed with the OS reinstallation.

In the final steps, the team will confirm that OS reinstallation was successful and begin the more time-consuming process of reinstalling the backed up data to the computer’s hard drive. They also will install applications and any additional software programs (such as MS Office and other productivity software) that normally reside on your computer.

The Three Green Roses team will take all necessary precautions to protect your hardware, software, and data at all times. They will test everything to ensure proper functioning and only then will the reinstallation process be considered successful and complete.

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